"Un Tango mas" - The Argentine Tango Show

An emotional balance ...Tango and refinement...tango and its masks…Mazilu hurts and caresses at Odeon…
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EVENIMENTUL ZILEI, Friday - 5 may 2006
"Learn Argentine Tango on Lipscani"

[...] A dance about ‘the attention between two people’, the tango is where you don’t need to explain who you are but you have to speak without words… People who choose the tango are…(Romanian) More>>



COTIDIANUL, FRiday - 28 april 2006
"Tango, Salsa and Merengue for Everyone"

The Tango Lesson – Let Yourself Be Seduced before Seducing

People who want to get acquainted with the tango in Bucharest can start at TangoTangenT, a tango school started at the beginning of this year by Daniel Mandita together with Amalia and Gilbert Iscu. What they wish to offer to you is … (Romanian) More>>


Friday, 24 february 2006
Visa Claims Back the Glamour of the Traditional Celebration of Love

On February, 24, the day of the Romanian Dragobete, Visa united two traditions: the Romanian traditional celebration of love, Dragobete, and the traditional dance of love, the Argentine tango. Tango reached its heyday in Bucharest at the beginning of the 20th century and was danced passionately in the grand rooms of Bucharest. Now, the tango charms seduced the young couples once more.

Visa paying clients with Visa were awarded prizes - tango lessons and [...]

The Visa partner for this event was TangoTangent, a tango club in Bucharest [...]

Read the entire press release (Romanian) here or here (doc).

See here the Dragobete VISA Ad.


BANII NOSTRI, 30 january - 5 february 2006
"The Tango Lesson"

A new Argentine tango club, TangoTangent, opens in Bucharest. The launching Milonga de las flores will take place at Euro Dance studio, in the old part of the capital, on January 21 …(Romanian) More>>


CURIERUL NATIONAL, Saturday, 21st January 2006
"Argentine Tango Lovers Have Now a New Club in Bucharest
TangoTangent opens on January, 21 with Milonga de las flores at Euro Dance studio…(Romanian) More>>


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